Other Payment Options

Direct credit/debit card payment option have been suspended due to chargebacks and Fraud.

Below is a list of payment options we accept and we’ll keep updating this to get all our customers satisfied and to make sure you are able to use the most convenient options. Review the options and Please ONLY make a order if you can use ONE or MORE of the options listed.

Bitcoin Payment Option

  • Bitcoin (BTC): You can buy bitcoins online with one click by downloading the following apps; “
  1. Coinbase App from www.coinbase.com
  2. Bitpanda App following this link https://www.bitpanda.com/en/app
  3. Abra App following this link https://www.abra.com
bitcoin payment
gift cards

Gift Card Payment options

  1. Walmart Gift Cards
  2. American Express Gift Cards
  3. OneVanilla/Vanilla Gift Cards
  4. Master Gift Cards
  5. Visa Gift Cards
  6. Nike Gift Cards

Above listed is the type of gift cards we accept. The cards MUST be Physical Cards meaning you have to go to a Walmart, Walgreens or CVS or any other store and buy the cards in person and with Cash.

We are not responsible for if you get a wrong card so please view the list and make sure you get the right ones.

Money Transfers Applications

We have developed the best easy payment options for those who are unable to move around. We  now accept the following money transfer options:

  1. CashApp 
  2. Zelle
  3. More will be updated in the coming days
cashapp payment