Badazz x Rolex seeds come from combining two high-quality strains: Bad Azz Kush and Rolex OG Kush. So basically, Badazz x Rolex seeds belong to the world-known OG Kush family. As this phenotype is very rare, not all seed banks have it. But you can buy Badazz x Rolex seeds here!Chemdawg Seeds. OG Kush Buds



Although not many cannabis lovers even know about Badazz x Rolex seeds, there are growers, who adore this strain. Blue Cheese

Bad Azz Kush by Barney’s Farm .While the full story remains untold, Bad Azz contributed to this new Kush cut that brings traditional OG elements to the table while elevating yield and flavor. Bad Azz Kush is known to express hash and berry aromas with an earthy, spicy flavor on the palate. It is a cross of OG KushPurple Urkle, and Afghan Kush. This strain’s weighted physical effects and carefree euphoria make it a perfect end of the day smoke Abusive OG.FIRE OG FEMINIZED Buds

BAD AZZ KUSH from  a Cannabis Specialist is a strain which was created by breeding a true Indica which is rich in history dating back to 98 in Los Angeles. BAD AZZ KUSH™ originally started life from specially selected breeding by our friends in L.A. over years of careful and persistent work. By crossing the Original OG with Afghan Kush and from there crossing it with Urkel, BAD AZZ KUSH™ was born.Super Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush.  OG KUSH CBD Shatter 1000MG CBD


The plant can stretch in the flowering period and will need some space for enormous colas to develop. This is a heavy resin producing strain with enticing and unique dank and subtle forest fruit aromas. We owe a special thank you to our friend and rapper Bad Azz from Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips.Headband kush