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These CBD isolate crystals come in beautiful chunks. Available in large and small quantities. If you are looking for crystalline  These CBD crystals are derived from organic industrial hemp and contain no residual solvents.Super Sour Diesel. Alaskan Thunder Fuck



CBD isolate – Medical Marijuana Inc

Crystals the Right Product for You?: Cannabis Specialist

Customers who are concerned with getting the maximum amount of CBD isolate Medical Marijuana into their system every day will enjoy this product. Unlike other CBD products, you don’t have to worry about the purity content with CBD isolate.

CBD isolate is as close to 100 percent pure CBD as you could get in powder or crystal form. Isolate crystals are also extremely easy to work with whether you’re into edibles, dabbing, skin creams, or vaping.

  • 100.57% Cannabinoids (The number is higher than 100% because it tests higher than the reference sample.)

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