Ever tried Critical +? Well, we have a better option! Welcome potent and exquisitely pleasant Critical + 2.0 seeds. The sweet and sour taste of lemons and flowers will take your breath away for a good hit! Get ready to be on top of the world with this baby.



Critical + 2.0 seeds are the offspring of one of the most famous strains of cannabis seeds – Critical +. Compared to her “mother,” Critical + 2.0 has a much better aroma and high yields. This Critical provides you with a moisture resistant phenotype. And this girl has a taste of lemon, pine and spices and a strong indica dominance, which makes her light yet hard-hitting. Critical + 2.0 can grow well both indoors and outdoors, thrives in September, and provides her owner with 30-45 oz. yield per plant. This strain can be used for medical purposes in treating chronic fatigue, migraines, insomnia, and stress.

Critical + 2.0 is the improved version of one of the most famous cannabis icons ever to be created and, as such, she’s brought about a major revolution for all the fans of Critical +. At Dinafem Seeds, we knew where we wanted this strain to take us right from the start and so we crossed the Critical + with a moisture-resistant phenotype. The result of such process is a feminised cannabis seed with clear Indica dominance that enhances the original traits and offers a better aroma, yield, and resistance to moisture and plagues. No doubt her extraordinary features are deeply rooted in this version. She’s got it all! And, on top of that, her origins are the best guarantee of success.


Critical + 2.0  is a very beautiful cannabis plant with thin, light-green leaves and a tall, slim body that sometimes reaches heights of 2.5 m outdoors. Her open structure helps with better light penetration, which leads to incredibly generous crops of super-bulky and rock-hard buds covered by a thick and smelly layer of resin.


Critical + 2.0 stands out for her incredible yielding potential as well. She offers all one would expect from one of the flagships of this industry: crops of 700 g/m2 indoors and some 900-1300 g/plant outdoors. Her extraordinary yielding capacity has earned her huge fame and so she’s now one of the favourite strains of Dutch gardens for commercial purposes. Canabis Specialist

Aromas and flavours

Critical + 2.0 delivers very intense sensations perceivable through the senses. The range is so wide that it’s as if we were in front of a selection of cannabis delicacies. Near her, you’ll notice how the whole atmosphere is filled with a strong, fresh and strong aroma of lemon, pine and spices. Take a drag, close your eyes and let yourself be surprised! Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies


Critical + 2.0 delivers a powerful, relaxing and long-lasting sensation that is more physical than cerebral. A slightly soothing and restful effect gets into your body and takes you to a highly relaxed state. Lemon Skunk.  Don’t worry about her high THC content because it won’t knock you out. This is where her Indica-dominance (70 %) becomes particularly evident, helping you to cope with stressful moments or to disconnect deeply from the world.Cannabis Peppermint Tea Bags


Critical + 2.0 is widely known, among others, for her vigorous growth regardless of the surrounding conditions. This resistance to plagues and moisture is a great asset that spares a lot of trouble to all cannabis growers, no matter how inexperienced they are. Diesel. We can conclude that this plant brings nothing but joy: she flowers incredibly fast (45-50 days indoors and by the end of September outdoors) and the quality of the end product is simply amazing. PASSION.

The use of anti-odour filters at the end of the flowering is usually necessary as well as some staking for holding the weight of her heavy branches. Dank Vapes carts. Don’t overlook her growth in small spaces either since she tends to stretch a lot. Anesthesia

Characteristics of
Critical + 2.0 cannabis seeds

Sex Feminised
Genotype 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Cross Critical + x Critical +
Indoor flowering 45-50 days
Indoor yield 700 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time Late September
Outdoor yield 900-1300 g/plant
Outdoor height 2.5 m
THC* 17-22%
CBD* 0.01-0.2%

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