Sour Diesel Buds


Sour Diesel Buds

  • 40% Indica 60% Sativa hybrid
  • Feminized seeds for guaranteed results
  • High yielding plant
  • Energy-driven psychedelic high
  • Relieves anxiety and stress


Sour Diesel Buds

Are you looking for an energetic, fun, and psychedelic high? Then you are going to love Sour Diesel Buds! Known around the world as ‘Sour D’ there’s no mistaking its fuel forward scent. This is what growers refer to as a ‘Cash Crop’, and for good reason! OG Kush Buds

The Sour Diesel strain works even better as a morning motivation than that first cup of coffee, so it’s no wonder why many are making the switch from hard-core caffeine to this delectable Mary Jane. Desiring a high that is perfect for any time of day, that will energize, uplift and motivate your body, mind and spirit. Sour Diesel is probably going to be your best bet.

Best of all, it is extremely medicinal, being especially beneficial for those dealing with mental disorders; you can literally feel your mood becoming revitalized almost immediately after consuming this marijuana strain. Trainwreck Buds

Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Grow Info

Growing the Sour Diesel strain isn’t for a novice, but it isn’t of the most challenging marijuana strains to cultivate either. Sour Diesel weed likes to be grown either indoors or outdoors, assuming the conditions are right. Cherry Pie Buds

No matter where it is grown, expect the smell protruding from this marijuana strain to be especially strong. It may be a challenge to keep the smell under wraps if you are attempting to grow Sour Diesel weed discreetly. Jack Herer Buds

If grown outdoors, Sour Diesel needs plenty of sunshine and especially fertile soil for it to turn into a strong, healthy crop in the end with potent product. Not enough sunshine can cause issues for its development. Possibly sparking an early flowering period which is not a good result for the potency of your bud. Animal Cookies

One thing to note, however, is Sour Diesel tends to reach taller heights than the average marijuana plant, making it sometimes difficult for indoor cultivation. As long as you have the proper space cleared, indoor cultivation should not be an issue for this particular strain.

Grow outdoors, expect a good yield to be somewhere around 20 to 25 ounces of fresh marijuana per plant. If grown indoors, expect this same number but per meter squared. This yield rate is average in relation to other strains of reefer. OG Kush Buds

Flowering time is a little longer for Sour-Deez than the average marijuana strain, with a 9-10 week period. Due to this extended flowering period, grown outdoors the harvest period of Sour Diesel is early November and not October like most other marijuana plants.

Sour Diesel Effects

Sour-Deez is known to cause a creative and mind-altering high, that has little effect on the body. And won’t drag your energy levels down- this is partially what has caused it to become such a favorite among medical marijuana patients, stoners and 420-lovers alike.

With THC percentages from tests resulting within the 18-26 percentile, you can expect just a little of this marijuana strain to go a long way, especially if you are getting your hands on a top-shelf, supreme quality batch. Sour Diesel Buds

It is often a challenge for many marijuana-lovers to find a strain that doesn’t over relax them, but Sour Diesel weed really has the energizing factor covered, bringing positive energy and immediate mood-boosting to the table. Anesthesia 

Expect to become effervescent after consuming some Sour D, for this marijuana strain isn’t just an amazing pick-me-up. But it also leaves your body and mind feeling calm, light and airy. While still making it possible to get things done during your day. Sour Diesel is versatile and multi-purpose.

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