Violator Sugar Wax




 nuleaf. Violator Kush is a pure indica from old school Dutch breeders Barney’s Farm. A cross of Malana and Hindu Kush genetics, it produces large yields of super-resinous flowers on a short, bushy plant. This indica has a musty, earthy smell and taste and provides a strong body buzz that will leave you stuck to your chair. Violator Sugar wax is a great concentrate. White Widow Wax

The tastes of spice, Kush and pepper deliver a potent Indica high that often leads to true couch-lock. Users report feeling a lazy body buzz coming on as early as the first hit that is accompanied by euphoria. Cannabis Specialist, Blue Cheese

This strain ( Violator Sugar Wax), is also a very social strain causing many users to feel more talkative. As with any medicine this strain does carry some negative side effects, Blackberry Kush. such as dry mouth and eyes, anxiety, dizziness and occasionally paranoia. nuleaf naturals , Bubba Kush

Are highly potent concentrated cannabis extract made from Violator Kush. Cannabis recommended for patients with a higher tolerance requiring a stronger medication. For those with low to moderate tolerance levels. And strongly recommended that you dilute the substance and take small hits to see how you react to the medication prior to increasing dosage.